Is there enough evidence for Atheism?

Is there enough evidence for atheism? David Wilks (MSt Philosophical Theology) will delve into 2 of the key issues: science and human evil.

Where: Starbucks Wanstead

When: 9 November 2017, Thursday @ 8pm     Add to Calendar

How to reboot your life?

Sometimes life can feel like a computer that isn’t working very well. And it’s frustrating. Maybe life hasn’t worked out as you’d hoped, and you’re in a rut, or even a midlife crisis. Perhaps you’ve got too many tasks and the system has crashed, or there are things in the memory you regret. And you long to start over. If only you could reboot your life and wipe the slate clean and start again. But where’s the button? How do you do that? Is it even possible? Jesus says it is. It’s something God can do for us.

On the 9th of March, we would like to invite you to join us for a talk entitled, ‘How to reboot your life’. There will be an opportunity to discuss and ask questions afterwards. Come one, come all!

Where: Starbucks Wanstead

When: 9 March 2017, Thursday @ 8pm     Add to Calendar

Who: Rev. Marcus Nodder

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Jesus at Wanstead Tube

Opposite Wanstead tube on the Green, you’ve probably often seen a beautiful statue with a drinking trough. But as it’s in Latin, maybe you didn’t realise that it teaches us about Jesus!

It means “in her right hand is length of days and in her left hand is glory” and it’s a Bible quote (Proverbs 3 v 16). The words are about God’s wisdom, which helps us live long and live well. But they also point to Jesus, who perfectly expresses God’s wisdom and offers us eternal, glorious life.

Deep down, we all long for the “length of days” that Jesus offers. The Bible says that “God has put eternity into man’s heart”. We feel that we were made for more than 70 years. The universe can only ultimately be fair if there is a future life with rewards and punishments.

Some people say “won’t it be boring to live forever?” No – because Jesus also gives glory and honour to those who trust in him. In the future life, we will have much greater emotional, intellectual and spiritual capacities (see 1 Corinthians 15). We will see God’s glory in infinitely many ways – in the new perfect creation, the perfect people and angels who live there, and most of all in Jesus himself. We will never run out of things to be excited by.

Every human being longs for “length of days” and “glory”. Jesus holds them in his hands and gives them to everyone who trusts in him. Why not come along to church and find out how you can get them too?